Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sunday 5 May 2013

This morning we went into Boston and bought tickets for the Hop On, Hop Off, Old Town Trolley as a different way to see the sights. first stop was to try a restaurant we were told about and read about for breakfast! We got there about 10 and ordered at 11. The line inside was longer than the line outside! Paramount has a very interesting arrangement...wait in line, order, get your meal and sit down. You watch your food being cooked. I had Texas style whole grain French Toast with a bowl of fruit while Rob had the omelette of the day that included chorizo, cheese, salsa, avocado, capsicum and onion. Meals were delicious and worth the wait.
We then hopped back on the trolley and headed to the waterfront to find out more about the Boston Tea Party. The British were taxing the colonists for all sorts of things and they finally got fed up with being taxed but having no representation in Parliament in England. The tea was not allowed off the ships from England unless the tax was paid so a very large group of the people decided to dump the tea overboard. As the tide was very low, they also had to jump on the tea to ensure it was ruined and full of water. At the reenactment, they had staff in the uniform of the day and carried on dialogue that related the tale. We then went on board a replica of the ships to see how they lived (extremely cramped) and how the tea was stored. We then watched a movie about the fight at Lexington several weeks after the Tea dumping...the colonists actually waited until the "regulars" (British) fired so they couldn't be accused of starting the skirmish. The next show was done with holograms and had King George talking with Samuel Adams. Need to do some more reading to refresh my memory of all the happenings.
We then walked to Paul Revere's home and the Old Northern Church where the lanterns were hung to warn the colonist that the Regulars were coming by sea so that they were ready and surprised the Regulars.
Another walk and we reached the USS Constitution, one of the first six frigates to be built to defend the US. Known as Old Ironsides because the sides of the ship were made with three layers of different woods that were so strong the cannonballs either bounced off the side of the ship or stuck in the timber. Last year the ship was taken out to celebrate the 200th anniversary if the War of 1812.... It is still sea worthy!!!
We also learned the history of the term "scuttlebutt". On the ship there was a keg that had fresh water where the men could gather and chat about the day and it was called a scuttlebutt. Also "to whistle while you work" came about from when the boys on the ships had to get the food for the crewmen, they were told to whistle down to the mess and back so that it would be known if they ate any of the food as the whistling would stop!
Hope you enjoy the history lesson!
Today was also the "run for hunger walk" so many more people around.

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  1. Aplace definitely full of history. I've heard of the Boston Tea Party which I believe is to do with that event. It looks awfully cold but the buildings and flowers are fabulous.