Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tuesday 30 April, 2013

Today we decided to take a drive to Santa Monica where I used to go to the beach. The Santa Monica Pier is certainly in need of some renovations and is looking very old. But in saying that, it was quite busy for a Tuesday and a school day. The Santa Monica Pier is at the end of Route 66, well known in the states. It was known as the Main Street of the USA as it was the road that most of the wagon trains travelled from Chicago to the West Coast. Later the Federal Govt built the highway in 1921 following the 2400 miles of the original road. There are many parts of the original highway that you can still travel on and many of the small towns along the way are trying to revive the old highway!
The day started out very foggy and cold and usually the fog burns off late morning but not yesterday. It was probably about 16C yet there were a few people in the water. Rob performed his traditional ritual of feeling the temperature of the water wherever we might be. He thought it was quite cold! Most of the people on the beach were dressed quite warmly with sweaters and jackets. As we were walking I had said to Rob that it seemed as if they had cleaned up the beach as we always used to have tar on our feet when we got seems that they haven't cleaned all of it as the bottom of Rob's shoes were full of the stuff.
The building industry is certainly alive and well in Santa Monica! This construction was the same complex, being built over several blocks and will end up being many hundred apartments. I'm sure they will be quite expensive as they are across the street from the beach! Reports say that real estate prices have improved by 10% in recent months.
On the highways you really need to have your wits about you. These were a couple of the signs in a 5km distance. On the way home we passed the high rises of LA. For as large of a town that LA is, the city centre does not have a lot of tall buildings. The building made up of circular towers used to be the tallest building in LA and is now dwarfed by the others.
We stopped to see my brother Bob and nephew at the shop. Bistagne Bros Auto Body Shop (a panel beating shop) was started 66 yrs ago by my Dad and Uncle and is now run by my two brothers, Bob and Chuck helped by Bob's son Robert.
Last night we went out to dinner with Bob and his wife Tana...always nice to catch up with family!!!
Lovely view of LA from Mum's house (same buildings as the day photos.

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  1. It is great to catch up with family. Your Mim has a great view. I remember those road signs and I always wondered how Bernie finds his way around so well.