Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday 12 May, 2013

The B&B we are staying at was built in 1871. So many of the houses on the Cape and here in Newport are part of the Historical Trust. It is amazing that they are so old and in such a good state of repair.
Breakfast this morning was Eggs Benedict, again with a large assortment of fruit, juices, bagels, muffins, yoghurt and a special for Sunday...donuts. Best donut I have ever tasted, I had a custard cream filled one with chocolate icing. Rob had sugar coated, one with strawberry filling and one with lemon curd. I know it is hard to stomach at that time in the morning but we just had to try them!!!!
Thankfully we went for another walk after we took a drive along the ocean. Unfortunately the fog was somewhat dense and the view wasn't as nice as it could have been. We think their beaches have a lot to be desired. Interesting rules for the beach: no smoking, no drinking, no ball playing!!! Fine in Rhode Island for having an open container of alcohol in public is $680!
We took the 2 mile bay walk around Fort Adam, built to protect the area beginning in 1824 and finished in 1857. It was only used briefly and is now a tourist attraction.
There was a house out in the Sound that really intrigued me being built on a rock! Wow! We also saw some rugby games being played so stopped to watch for a little while. We were really amazed to see it being played but a lady we spoke with said it was D grade Level 4 which means it has quite a following.
We headed west to Connecticut and stopped at Mystic Seaport, a classic seaport town that used to build Clipper Ships. They have a huge tourist attraction where you experience all that went with the ships. We decided to just continue on and went to look at their drawbridge, built in 1922 that has two huge blocks of concrete to raise it for ships to pass under!
On to Yale University in New Haven Connecticut, where my Dad did his officer training during the war to become a First Lieutenant. Yale is the third oldest uni in the USA (1702) and boasts Noah Webster, Eli Whitney, Samuel Morse and 5 Presidents including Clinton and both Bushes as alumni. Yale is built over many blocks, the new in with the old.
Continued on to Massachusetts, traveling north through Conn. The turnpike (freeway) was beautiful, tree lined, wide and spacious. Three lanes each way with room in the middle for one or two more lanes each way. Have stopped in Springfield for the night.


  1. You learn something every day. I never knew they played ruggers in the USA, goes to show.

    I like the draw bridge. Those concrete blocks are huge, I hopey they are well attached. They could give you a bit of a headache if they'd fall on you. Great shots, Kathy.

  2. You sure are experiencing a lot of history as well as geography. We are off today for FNQ. Might not have much service up there but taking the iPad and hope. It has been raining for a few days so your garden is okay and I watered under the back eaves on the last two Sundays so hope all is well when you return.