Thursday, 2 May 2013

Thursday 2 May 2013

Traveling day! Early early that we could see the sun rise on the way to the airport! Uneventful 5.5 hour flight from LA to Boston and with the 3hr time change, it is 5 pm by the time we land! Another day disappears flying. We took a shuttle to our hotel, the Hilton Double Tree Suites on the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts where we have a living room and bedroom with river views! (And warm chocolate chip cookies upon check in!
We are across the river from the petrol station where the all alleged Boston bombers had hijacked the SUV and pulled in for fuel and the owner of the car escaped. On that side of the river and a few minutes East is Mass. Institute of Technology where the shoot out with the guard happened. Enough of that.
We walked about 30min to Harvard Square, home of Harvard University. It was so good to walk again even if it was quite cold, about 12 with a cool wind chill factor! We saw our first spring flowers, a small group of tulips that someone must have planted under a tree near the river!
We had dinner at a really fun place, Border Cafe that serves Mexican food so we started with a strawberry marguerita and a Dos Equis beer. Warm home made corn chips soon arrived and the meals were huge. I had a quesadilla and Rob had fajitas, very hard to finish. The place was packed with college students...we were the oldest there by a long shot but it was noisy and decor was really Mexican. Walked by the Kennedy Business school and park on the way home...he was such a great president! Still light at 8:45 while we were walking back!
Rob has handled both plane flights very well with his back...we both had several acupuncture and chiropractor appts before we left and all seems to have made a difference. Early to bed so we are ready for a big day of exploring Boston!


  1. Brilliant photos - love following your travels :)

  2. I've never had Mexican food mainly because TOH isn't adventurous in trying new foods. That meal looked scrumptious except for the super size.

    1. We'll have to see if we can change that!

  3. Finger licking good , I see.