Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sunday 19 May, 1013

This morning we another superb breakfast! Starting with a fruit juice that was apple, Greek yoghurt and orange (delicious), a small bowl of fresh fruit, a freshly made cinnamon strudel coffee cake, we then had the main dish of berry blitzes or capsicum and fetta omelette!
We decided walking was certainly the order of the day so we wandered around the Old Port historic area of Portland. We saw the house where Henry Wadsworth Longfellow lived, built in 1788 by his grandfather. A building had a cannonball lodged in the wall...said to be from a skirmish in 1700 ( look at the dates on the building!!??) Several of the buildings had lovely murals painted on them, and again many were made of granite.
We drove across one of the bridges to Fort Williams Park and the Portland Head Lighhouse, the oldest of the 52 still functioning lighthouses where we could see the rugged coastline and walk along the ridge.
The guys decided it was beer time so Jan and I checked out a few shops before dinner. We had earlier checked out an old ferry turned into a seafood restaurant. It was only 5pm but as we hadn't had lunch or a snack we were ready to eat. What a good decision to go to DiMillos early because at 5:30 the restaurant was full and there then was quite a wait! Even a bigger wait at 7:30 when we left!
As this was a seafood restaurant and we were told to have lobster in Maine, we did just that!! And it was delicious. What a different experience from last night! No wait, great waiter, great food , great time!

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